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We are now completely moved to Vienna

Wow, it’s the first time I’ve missed putting out a post on Sunday. The reason is that I was just completely exhausted yesterday.

We spent all weekend with moving. On Saturday, it was another trip with a rental van, only this time without our friend’s help and with the rest of ALL our stuff. You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you have to physically, with your own hands, move each and every one of them from one location to another. We also bought a couch, which meant we had to somehow get 60 kg to the first floor. But we managed!

We went back to Brno to return the van, relax for a while, and sleep there so that we could hand over the apartment in Brno. There was also a lot to clean still.

I would say that we are very clean people. We can take care of the place we live in. That’s why we were pretty angry that we had to pay for a kitchen unit doors under the sink because it got wet and wrinkled slightly. Maybe I’m wrong. But I think we treated the apartment as best as we could and this was just an effect of actually living in the apartment. It was some kind of chipboard or something like that BTW. Something that almost wrinkles when you just breathe on that. I don’t think you can expect something made from the cheapest materials to last forever. But I don’t know, maybe I’m the asshole…

Oh no, it's completely ruined!

Oh no, it’s completely ruined!

But anyway, we handed the old apartment over, put the rest of the stuff into Gabi’s mum’s car, and went for lunch to her and her partner’s apartment. After that they took us and our stuff to Vienna. The rest of the Sunday was spent putting our things into places and cleaning. We also finally found out where our storage compartment in the cellar is. The door sign was “parteienkeller” which translated by Google Translate was funny—”party cellar”. It’s pretty nice to have something like that, in this previous apartment we had to keep everything in the apartment. We were lucky to have the bikes down in the bike room. The bike room there was able to only take 4 bikes. And there were 12 apartments. Here in the apartment in Vienna the bike room is HUGE. I guess it’s not surprising when you think about how many people use bikes for every day commute here.

The new apartment look awesome in my opinion. Even now when we are not done unpacking yet, it’s getting cozy. I like that. I can only hope that we are going to like it here. It’s been pretty scary and emotionally taxing, this whole procedure of moving. At this point, I’m glad we are doing this. I’m glad that we are trying this big scary and outside-of-comfort-zone thing. Now I just hope that it doesn’t turn out being a bad move.

Vienna apartment moving, graduation ceremonial = pretty full week

I haven’t had a week this busy in a while. I’m exhausted.

On Monday and Tuesday not much has happened. I was working at home and preparing for what was coming.

On Wednesday I had an alarm set to 4am. I had to go to Vienna for the apartment handover. I probably could have gone with a later bus but I wanted to be sure that I’m not late. I got the apartment keys and then worked at the institute for the rest of the day. I got home around 10pm. Student agency (or RegioJet? I don’t know) bus between Brno and Vienna is like my second home.

On Thursday, we both had our graduation ceremonial. Unfortunately, since we had different study programmes, we didn’t go at the same time. Gabi’s was at 10:00 and mine at 12:30. I am still not sure how I felt about the ceremonial. On one hand, I’m still very proud of us, mainly Gabi because she really worked hard at the end even though people were telling her to not try to finish this semester. But on the other hand, it feels so long ago! My mind is already set on a completely different thing. But I’m glad I did it for my family. I guess that’s why you do these kinda things anyway.

Tak diplomy uz jsou doma 😉 #promoce #ceremony #diploma #masters #magistri #fimuni #fi #muni #degree #diplom #czechgirl #czechboy #czechcouple

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We went for a lunch/dinner afterwards. It was the first time that our families had met. There wasn’t much time so I don’t thing they talked that much. But it all went well I think.

Friday was again a little bit slower. I was planning how we’re going to move some of our stuff to Vienna. The apartment is unfurnished so we had to get some basic furniture there. I knew we’re going to need a bed and some storage. On Friday we were looking at IKEA and finally deciding what we’re going to buy. It turned out that it would be better if we rented a van, bought the stuff in IKEA in Brno, put some of my stuff into the van as well, and drive to Vienna.

That’s exactly what we did on Saturday. It was one of those days where many things needed to click. The van had to be picked up. IKEA had to have all the stuff we wanted. I needed to be able to find a parking spot close to our apartment in Brno. The car had to survive the drive to Vienna. We had to find a parking spot close the the apartment in Vienna.

To some people, this is probably nothing. I know that there’s a solution for everything. But I’m still learning how to do things in life. I’m still learning how to handle everything. All in all, it was stressful, but everything worked out great. I am probably too superstitious but it seems that everything is going well in life lately. It’s never easy, but it all usually ends well. I’m not complaining, I’m just aware.

I have to thank our friend Miloš who went with us and helped us with the moving. I can’t even imagine having to do this with just me and Gabi.

Sunday was a rest day. We just returned the van in the morning, went to get groceries and then came home and slept.

So this was my, kinda crazy, week. I’m going to Vienna tomorrow. We have a paper deadline on Friday.

Honestly, this all is very scary to me. Moving to a different country is something that I’ve always wanted. But it doesn’t come easily. Yesterday when we got back to our half-empty apartment in Brno, I got very emotional. A lot of has happened here, both good and bad. But it was our home for a year. We got used to it. We knew how to sneak around the bed in a way where you didn’t hit your kneecap. We knew that when you went into the closet you needed to be fast because the light sensor works weird. We even kinda learned how to cook in such a little space, we learned that we need to do it together, help each other.

Moving is hard. Moving to a different country is even harder. Moving to a different country when you don’t speak the language…pffff. But I hope that we will work it out. I hope that this will end up being a good decision and that we both figure out how we want to live our lifes, what we want to do.

I know that I can do it all if Gabi is with me. Cause, ultimately, my home is where she is.

I guess we have an apartment!

We found an apartment that we both really like. It’s not the closest to work and it’s on the upper bound of our budget but it’s all new and nice looking. On Thursday I had to fill out a whole lot of papers and send them to the estate agent. I guess that’s easy, but filling out forms for a foreign country in German (which I know close to none) was a pretty hefty task for me. I also don’t have a printer or scanner so I needed to do this at the school in Brno. Also, I’m an idiot so I forgot my work contract at home. This means that I did a lot of walking that day. After I sent everything, I got an answer.

I was approved for the apartment by the owner, but I need to pay bigger deposit. Instead of 4 months of rent, I need to pay 6. If I add to that the provision for the estate agent (2 months of rent), then we have 8 months of rent at the beginning, without even paying for the first month! That’s just crazy numbers for me. It’s close to a one year of rent. Considering the difference in prices, I could live in Brno for this amount of money for the whole year. But I will consider this as a opportunity cost. I’m very excited to be living in Vienna and I believe that we will have a higher standard of living there.

One thing that’s not perfect is that I will get the keys on March 22nd the soonest. I was supposed to start working in Vienna from the beginning of March. But my supervisor was okay with me working remotely from Brno until then.

I’m really looking forward to finally being in Vienna and working at the institute. I’ve been working remotely for a while now and although I kinda like it, I’m looking forward to finally being part of everything. You get a little bit disconnected from your peers when you work alone, you don’t get to contribute to some decisions and you are out of the loop a little bit. So I’m really excited to finally be back.

Apartment hunting in Vienna

I’m looking for a place to live in Vienna. On Tuesday, I was told that I need to sign some paper in Vienna as soon as possible. So, the next day I made a trip there. Since I had to go there anyway, I arranged two apartment visits for that day.

I didn’t really like any of the two apartments so I’m still looking.

I have mixed feelings about all this. On one hand, I’m very excited about living in Vienna. I really like the city and I want to explore more of it. I’m looking forward for the work and all the opportunities that come with it. But finding a place to live and moving is such a hard thing to do. I’m not used to it at all and it’s pretty stressful for me every time I have to move. I thought that this time it would be different, I thought I have plenty of time to find a place and then slowly move there. But as it turns out, time flies faster than I thought. On top of that, I have look at ads in a language that I don’t know, in a country that I’m not in yet.

I’m trying to keep in mind that this is a huge step outside of my comfort zone and as such it’s to be expected that it won’t be easy. But what are the alternatives? Stay where you are? Get a comfortable job? Not only there is no such thing as a comfortable job (you always have to do things you don’t really want to), but I know that I can’t settle. It’s just not in my nature. I always want to go to the next level, to see where can I get with the skills I have. And I know that I’d rather do something that is hard but I really want to do it, than to do something that’s easy but it’s not interesting to me at all.

I’m working on getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. I don’t want to have an easy life, I don’t want to play things safe. And with this it comes naturally that there will be periods of time where things just won’t be stable or known in advance. I don’t know if I will find a good apartment soon, or if I’ll like living abroad. The best that I can do is to just be present, have goals in mind, work towards them, but don’t worry about things going wrong. I know that there are terrible things happening in the world and in comparison to that, my problems are nothing. My problems and fails should only be viewed as opportunities to learn. With that in mind, there’s really nothing to worry about. It will all be alright.

Entering the adult life

I can’t believe it has only been a week or so since I’ve finished the school. It kinda seems longer than that. I imagined that after this ‘deadline’ everything is going to be great and I will have no worries in life. Well…kinda, but I’m also not that naive. And I’m not trying to say that I’m having a lot of troubles right now. It’s just that once you get rid of some obligations and responsibilities, you don’t really get rid of them, they are just replaced by others. But on the other hand—I love it. I much more prefer to be occupied with the real-life stuff, like finding an apartment and working, then worrying about studying, preparing for tests and exams. I guess I just hate exams now. So I’m actually happy that I have to deal with stuff that I feel like actually matter.

We’ve started to look for apartments in Vienna. I should be starting my PhD at the beginning of March and I would ideally like to be already in Vienna. The question is if I will be able to get an apartment till then. The other option is that I would rent a room for a months or so and then I would be able to stay in Vienna and look for apartments from there. I guess it would be easier. But I will have to wait how it works out. For now, we will be looking at ads and writing emails. Maybe I will go see some apartments this week as well. In the end, Vienna is not that far from Brno, so I guess it should be fine to go there even if I go there for just one day and go back in the evening.

This week was all about me getting back to working. I haven’t programmed in a while so I needed to get back into that. Every time I get back to something that I’ve been programming, I am suprised that everythins works as it did before. I don’t know why it’s surprising for me. It’s just that I have this feeling that if I don’t work on something continually, it’s going to degrade somehow. I don’t know. It’s weird. But everything mostly works the same as it did before, I still enjoy graphics programming and I’m committed to getting better.

The main story of next week is going to be the flat-finding. I’m gonna have to figure it out somehow. I hope everything goes well.