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Retreat in Mikulov [week Nov 7 – Nov 13]

Pretty full week.

First of all, I’ve started working out by my new workout plan. I’m supposed to go to the gym 6 times a week. I wasn’t able to do that. But I’m pretty excited about this workout routine. I can already tell the difference between just doing what I feel like at the gym and actually following a plan. The downside is that I’m more tired and I’m hurting more than before but I think it’s just a matter of time until my body gets used to that.

The other interesting thing happening this week was a retreat/meeting in Mikulov with Bara and Jiri from Brno, and a whole bunch of people from Vienna visualization group. It was nice. It was good to see the people. The food was excellent. I feel inspired by the talks. But I really don’t like the drinking. Not that I don’t like to drink and have fun, it’s just that I like to stop at the right time. I don’t feel the need to push it (and feel bad the next day).

I have an idea for a project. It’s a tool that I think could be useful for me and I think I’m gonna try to use it as a toy project to learn Python+PyQt on. The idea is basically this: I have a few projects running at the same time. There are few issues with that – I need to switch between those, I need to keep in my mind what are the next steps for each project and if I close the relevant programs or file I lose track of this project and forget about it. What I have in mind is a tool where I would have clearly listed all the projects that I’m currently working on. There would be some description of the projects and most importantly all the relevant info about it – files that are associated with it, working directories, links to relevant documents, research/design notes. And one feature would be that I could “switch” my environment to that project. What that means is that my tool would close all the running applications on my computer and start programs that are relevant to that one project. For example, when I’m editing a video I want to only have open Premiere, folder with the footage, maybe Spotify… That way I can only focus on what I’m working on. If I want to, for example, work on some programming project later that day, I would switch the environment – the tool would close Premiere and stuff and start up emacs, terminal and documentation instead. Now again, I would have only the programs relevant to that task open. I’m hoping that this approach would help me with couple of things. One of these is that I want to push myself to finish more stuff. I do have ideas for projects all the time but I almost never push them to a finish. I think the problem is that I never clearly define what the “version one” is and what I need to do to get the project there. That could be one of the features – I could define exactly what the first version should contain and then specify other “stretch” features.

I don’t know how realistic this workflow is and if it will actually help me focus better and be more productive but I think it’s worth a try. At the very least, I will learn a little bit more of Python and GUI programming with PyQt.