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Penny boarding in the park [week Oct 24 – Oct 30]

The picture is again from Saturday when me and Gabi went for a walk/ride on my pennyboard. I’m trying to enjoy the weather as much as I can. If it’s even just a little sunny outside we go for a walk. Soon it will be just cold and depressing winter here in Czech Republic. It wouldn’t be so bad if it snowed at least but I don’t think that we can expect that in November/December.

I wrote a few tasks for this week so let’s take a look at that first:

  • finish my SSAO implementation
    • Not completely done but I definitely pushed it further.
  • use it in both work and personal projects
    • I did integrate it in both frameworks, it’s just that it needs more tweaking.
  • write as much of my master thesis as I can
    • Nope. I didn’t write nearly as much as I would like to.
  • go to the gym 3 times
    • Yes! Did Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and a little workout at home on Sunday.
  • stretch: post at least 3 times on instagram (generative/procedural/interactive pieces done with Cinder)
    • Kinda. I did one prototype but I really liked it.

I spent a lot of time working from home and even though I feel like I work all the time, at the end of the week it just doesn’t feel like I did that much. I think I’m going to switch back to coming to the office. I am especially sad that I didn’t write much for my thesis. That’s why I’m starting a new part of the weekly blog post called “Master Thesis Status”:

Master Thesis Status

  • # of pages: 15 (a lot of it is just headline with blank page)
  • word count: 2393 (I’m writing the thesis in TeX using TeXstudio so I counted it as instructed here, don’t know if it’s the right way, hope so)

I met with a friend on Wednesday. I haven’t talked to her in a while so we caught up. I can think of maybe 3 people with whom I like to talk about motivation, inspiration and self-improvement and she’s one of them. I feel pretty motivated these days. I have a few ideas of what I think contribute to that. First, I really really find that exercising regularly helps a lot. I’m still not completely used to it as a habit; I still sometimes consider not going when I don’t feel like it and think that it’s just too much work to get into it and that it would just be struggle if I go to the gym. But I’m mostly good at persuading myself to go through with it and not once have I regretted it. It’s exactly the opposite, after the exercise I feel great and I’m more motivated to work on tasks and problems. My mind slowly learns that exercise actually makes my mood better. Also, it helps to go to the gym first thing in the morning. I usually get up, function on autopilot and before I’m completely awake I’m already in the gym. Second, the thought that in 3 months or so I can potentially be done with school forever is a huge motivation for me. It’s just two more months of writing the thesis and then one month of studying for the final exams and that’s it! I don’t really care about the degree, I just really want to finish this thing that I once started. There is a huge chance that I will be staying in academia so it’s not like I would be completely done with the university environment but at least I will have finished the basic portion of that. But I need to translate this motivation into actions.

One last though that I wanted to share. I’ve always struggled with the mid-day fatigue. I think programmers are really susceptible to it – I frequently get stuck on some problem that I don’t know how to solve and then it’s hard to keep at it for longer periods of time. You start to feel really tired and it’s like there is a curtain in front your eyes and it’s hard to even just read the code. Before, I would just try to push it and force myself to work even though that wouldn’t work most of the time. Now I found that it’s better to just get up and go outside. Go for a walk, buy something for a snack or go run some errands. Just get away from the computer and, even better, from the building. I now do this even when I’m at home and I feel tired and I’m thinking if I should take a nap. I go for a walk instead and that restores my energy level somehow with the benefit of not breaking my sleep schedule.

That’s the weekly blog post! Tasks for next week:

  • workout at least 3 times
  • go work to the office every day.