I am DVDKOURIL. This is my blog.

Christmas [Dec 19 – Dec 25]

It was Christmas Day yesterday (24th) in Czech Republic. We have been at my parents’ house with Gabi for two days. We didn’t even try to write, we wanted to take a break from that. But I found out that watching TV all day and eating something all the time is not really for me. I had a good time but I just need to have stuff to do!

I got many presents, for example Raspberry Pi and a knife. I’m really excited to do something with Pi and I wanted the knife because…I don’t know, a guy just should have a good knife.

From tomorrow on, it’s going to be a final sprint towards the submission. I guess we still have some relatives to visit but that should just be a lunch and then back to work. I’m excited. I’m focused on finishing this thing. And after January 4th, I will be a free man again. I already have so much stuff I want to try, learn and do. I want to talk about all my plans and thoughts in next weeks blog post because it’s going to be closer to the end of the year and I really like to look back and plan forward then.

Oh and I bought Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss so I’m reading through that. I’ve read 4-hour work week long time ago and didn’t really follow Tim since then so I’m looking forward to learning something new and maybe getting some new insights and plans.

It is all about the thesis now [Dec 12 – Dec 18]

I feel like there’s not much to blog about. I’m writing all the time. Or at least trying to. I don’t know how is it possible but it seems like I’m staying at the same page count at best. I actually think the more I write the less pages I have. It’s weird.

I had a second chance to pass the test for my last course ever. And I did. What a relief. It wasn’t that difficult, it would probably be even easier if I didn’t forget my calculator. But I passed and that’s what’s really important. It was a test that you need to pass to be able to go to the exam. So now I have one more exam to pass and that’s it for me! Just once will I have to study for an exam and then go there and in one hour or so that will be it for my studies. Well…hopefully, I really want to pass this one on first try. Sure, then there’s the whole thesis defense and final examination to get the degree…but that’s something else. Don’t get me wrong, I had good time at our university, mostly everyone treated me very well and I learned…something. But I just can’t wait to be finished and be able to pursue stuff elsewhere.

To be able to do that however, I have to finish my thesis. I’m working on it. There’s this constant pressure of that deadline. January 4th, 2017. So much stuff to do before that. I’m trying hard not to get stressed by that too much. I’m just trying to work on that as much as I can and I know it’s going to end up somehow. Might not be the best thesis ever written. But it’s going to be something.

Luckily, I have most of Christmas presents sorted out so there’s not much pre-Christmas stress to add to that. Just one more week of going at it hard and then I can rest for 2 or 3 days. I thought that finishing at winter semester is a bad idea because of Christmas but it actually might be a nice excuse to give yourself a break. And then I will still have one week to “crunch”.

A break from thesis writing [week Dec 5 – Dec 11]

No, not in a good way. I wasn’t slacking off this week. My break from writing my thesis was only because I had to work on some other stuff. On a project that I’m employed for at TU Wien. We had a deadline this Friday/Saturday and I spent the whole week working on that. So the last time I touched my thesis was last Sunday. I’m not very happy about that. It’s getting serious.

I can feel the stress on me and Gabi (she’s also submitting this semester). There’s no such thing as weekends for us anymore. And I think we won’t have very relaxed Christmas as well. It’s kinda depressing time period – the deadline is always on our minds and I truly can’t appreciate the winter weather. I wouldn’t say I hate cold. I hate that the day is so short and even throughout the day it’s dark as if it was evening all day long. I get a little bit depressed before Christmas every year and this year all this pressure is not helping.

But…on the bright side – I’m learning so much! This week I’ve implemented something that I wouldn’t even think of trying a year before. I’m really enjoying the feeling that I understand something and I feel like I can create anything I can think of. I want to start all kinds of projects and I’m looking forward to finally submitting the thesis and having time to actually try all that.

I am still going to the gym pretty much every week day and it’s helping me to keep the mood and motivation up at least a little. Well…I actually think it’s helping a lot. Sometimes I really have to force myself but as I’ve already said on this blog – I never regret going. And even when I feel like shit some day, I still know that I’m doing at least this thing right.

Just for this one week… [week Nov 28 – Dec 4]

It’s a motivational technique. Whenever you don’t feel like doing something, you just tell yourself: “I’ll do it just for this time, just for today or just for this week”. When you frame it this way, it’s easier to stick with it because you think that it’s just for this time (although the point is that it never is just for this one time). It’s supposed to work through the barrier of starting something. And once you force yourself to start it’s easier to get hooked on it.

I’ve used it for working out this week. I’ve wanted to start going to the gym every weekday and maybe once on the weekend. But I couldn’t make it three weeks in a row because of traveling. So I said to myself that just this one week I will do it. And I did it. It wasn’t easy; It was actually always sub zero temperatures in the morning when I go to the gym and you don’t want to get out of the bed into this weather. But I said that I’m doing it only for this “perfect” week so I was able to push myself. And I’ve never regretted going. I never ever regret going.

I had a pretty good week overall I would say. No more traveling so I was able to focus on work. I feel like I’m slowly starting to really “get” some stuff that I’ve been studying for over a year. I mean some OpenGL concepts. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been trying to learn it for so long or because I’m finally working on something practical, something where I actually use this knowledge. Hard to say. I’m just really happy that I’m finally getting it and I’m able to create stuff with it.

I’m really getting into writing of my master thesis. It’s not my favorite thing to do but I’m learning a lot about the field and I think I know what the story that I need to capture is. I just hope I will be able to put it together. There’s not a whole lot of time. I thought I could make it before Christmas but as I see it right now, I will for sure be working on it throughout the holidays. It sucks a little but what can I do. In like 2 months it’s going to be all over (hopefully).

Christmas is in like three weeks and that’s crazy. Lots of stuff to finish before that. I just need to really bite into it and try as hard as I can. I’m really excited about all the possibilities and opportunities that are showing up right now and I’m looking forward to acting up on them. But first I really need to finish the school.

Let’s get back into that.

I’m 25 now [week Nov 21 – Nov 27]

Crazy week again! To sum this up: Mathieu got his PhD and I turned 25.

I went to Vienna again this week. I spent the whole Monday and some part of Tuesday making a poster about my master thesis. It wasn’t for any conference or anything, it was just for some internal poster session at our school. I promised to make it maybe like a month ago and I left it for the last moment. The presentation was on Wednesday but because I left to Vienna on Tuesday afternoon, I had my colleague present it. I guess it went alright because the poster is on the wall in the hallway.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Vienna. I was trying to study for a test that I had on Thursday but it didn’t go very well. Mathieu had his PhD defence on Wednesday (that’s why we went to Vienna in the first place) so I was only able to study for few hours in the morning on Wednesday. But anyway…Mathieu got his PhD! I’m not sure if it was possible for him to not get it but I’m very happy for him. He’s somebody that I’ve learned so much from, I got a completely new approach to programming and I’ll be forever grateful for that. He’s working in UK now and I have no doubts that he will be wildly successful in the industry as well.

I had the test on Thursday. It’s the last course that I need to pass and it’s about numerical methods. There is no way I passed, I simply didn’t put enough time into the preparation. But there’s going to be one more chance to pass it and I need to prepare better for it. I’m really looking forward to finishing this last course. I really liked my university at some point but now I just want to get it over with. I found out that I learn stuff way easier and better on my own doing practical projects. I think that there are many problems with the way how education is done on Masaryk University (and maybe I will write about it some day) and I’m excited to finally be free to do it my way.

On Saturday, I turned 25. It doesn’t feel much special to me even though it could be considered a somewhat ’round’ number. Birthdays really lose their charm in your 20s. It used to be such a milestone and something that I was looking forward to very much. It’s not that way now. But I’m not sad about it, I have so many other things that my year revolves around. For example, right now I’m very much looking forward to submitting my thesis and then finishing the school. It’s just something that I need to get done and it’s going to be a huge boulder off my chest once that’s over, successfully I hope.

I’m going to be back in my routine for this whole week (I hope at least) so I want to take full advantage of that. I want to put a lot of work into the thesis and I need to start getting stuff done for the ‘Animated Cell’ project as well.