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Overcomming the “yeah, but…” attitude

I have no idea if “yeah, but…” attitude is a real thing. Maybe it is, maybe not, maybe under some other name. For me, it’s that feeling when you see someone’s result and immediately start thinking about the “buts”.

Like when some 18 y.o. kid on youtube puts out a video of him traveling around the world, with footage from drones and stuff, and you immediately think: “yeah cool, but he’s got to have filthy rich parents”. Or when you see somebody’s drawing and think to yourself: “yeah that’s cool, but what is art even good for?”

Maybe I’m the only one who’s like that. Maybe I’m the only mean, jealous, and envious asshole. But I don’t think so. I’m Czech and I believe that most of the people in Czech republic are like that. It’s in our nature to be haters. It’s a defense mechanism and it’s contagious.

I want to overcome that. I’m making a conscious effort to not be that guy. Someone else’s win is not necessarily my loss. I am trying to appreciate people doing stuff, working. Sure, there are people who are chasing after the low-hanging fruit. Following the trends. Faking it. And that’s alright. These people will probably not win in the long game. And even if they do…who cares?

I will always appreciate people who work on their things. I am attracted to people with skill. People who are confident in their abilities. And I’m working on being one of them.