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Moving to Vienna? [week Nov 14 – Nov 20]

I’ve been on a visit in Vienna this week with Bara. We went there for two days, Thursday and Friday. Thursday 17th was actually a public holiday in Czech Republic so I didn’t miss school which is good. We went there because one of the founders of our domain of molecular visualization, Arthur Olson, was visiting the group in Vienna. It was pretty overwhelming I have to say. It looks more and more that we are going to be moving to Vienna after we finish our masters and so I was looking at it a little bit differently. I think there is definitely a difference between thinking about something as a wish or something that might happen some day but when that thing become almost reality, it makes you think about it from other angles as well. I’m not trying to say that I changed my mind – I (and Gabi as well) still want to make the move and I’m looking forward to being a part of VisGroup because it’s a very special place to work at. But on the other hand I realised that I’ve switched onto another kind of life while I was back in Brno. For example, I don’t go out to drink as much as I did before. So I’m a little bit scared that I will either have to change back to that habit and my relationship will suffer (along with the fitness and stuff like that) or I might go against that and maybe become the guy that’s not fun anymore. The thing is that the magic of VisGroup is kind of in the atmosphere and how people stick together. And of course, the social aspect of this is very important in this career. But now that I wrote that down, I know what’s the right option to go for. Of course I want to keep living my life how I like it. I like working but I also like taking care of myself properly, eating healthy, working out and being with Gabi. And I stand by these principles and values. So I think I’ll be fine if I just do my thing and keep it in balance with the social side of working there.

But yeah, I’m pretty excited to be moving to Vienna. For both of us it’s actually a dream to live abroad. But it’s going to be a huge step outside of our comfort zone and that’s always scary. But I keep telling myself that I would regret not trying it. Even if we eventually move back, we will be able to tell ourselves that we tried it. And maybe we will go somewhere else from there. This is what I would probably like the most.

Now that I’ve come to this – I think it’s important for us to think about and write down our expectations, goals and most importantly our reasons for this move. I know it’s gonna get hard some time and I want to be able to remind myself why we did it in the first place. Only that way we can decide if it’s still worth continuing there or not.

But back to my week. I went to gym Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday again. So it’s the second week I wasn’t able to make it 6 days a week. But it’s not entirely my fault! All the travelling is messing up with my plan. I know that I will not be able to do it this week as well because I’m going back to Vienna again on Tuesday till Thursday. I have a test on Thursday so it’s going to be a challenge to squeeze some studying time there.

Arthur Olson in Vienna was great. Very inspiring person. Actually his whole team is inspiring to me and I’m motivated to try hard to be able to contribute as much as they did.

We went to visit my parents on the weekend. I think we haven’t been there for more than a month. I’m a pretty “remote” son I would say although I try to keep in touch with my mum at least over the phone. I think the next time we go there will be for Christmas because we are already very busy and it’s only going to get worse.

That’s basically my week. The plan for next one is pretty set already. I will be finishing a poster for my thesis and then I’m off to Vienna of Tuesday. Test of Thursday, Friday and the weekend will hopefully go towards the thesis itself.