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Just for this one week… [week Nov 28 – Dec 4]

It’s a motivational technique. Whenever you don’t feel like doing something, you just tell yourself: “I’ll do it just for this time, just for today or just for this week”. When you frame it this way, it’s easier to stick with it because you think that it’s just for this time (although the point is that it never is just for this one time). It’s supposed to work through the barrier of starting something. And once you force yourself to start it’s easier to get hooked on it.

I’ve used it for working out this week. I’ve wanted to start going to the gym every weekday and maybe once on the weekend. But I couldn’t make it three weeks in a row because of traveling. So I said to myself that just this one week I will do it. And I did it. It wasn’t easy; It was actually always sub zero temperatures in the morning when I go to the gym and you don’t want to get out of the bed into this weather. But I said that I’m doing it only for this “perfect” week so I was able to push myself. And I’ve never regretted going. I never ever regret going.

I had a pretty good week overall I would say. No more traveling so I was able to focus on work. I feel like I’m slowly starting to really “get” some stuff that I’ve been studying for over a year. I mean some OpenGL concepts. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been trying to learn it for so long or because I’m finally working on something practical, something where I actually use this knowledge. Hard to say. I’m just really happy that I’m finally getting it and I’m able to create stuff with it.

I’m really getting into writing of my master thesis. It’s not my favorite thing to do but I’m learning a lot about the field and I think I know what the story that I need to capture is. I just hope I will be able to put it together. There’s not a whole lot of time. I thought I could make it before Christmas but as I see it right now, I will for sure be working on it throughout the holidays. It sucks a little but what can I do. In like 2 months it’s going to be all over (hopefully).

Christmas is in like three weeks and that’s crazy. Lots of stuff to finish before that. I just need to really bite into it and try as hard as I can. I’m really excited about all the possibilities and opportunities that are showing up right now and I’m looking forward to acting up on them. But first I really need to finish the school.

Let’s get back into that.