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I’m 25 now [week Nov 21 – Nov 27]

Crazy week again! To sum this up: Mathieu got his PhD and I turned 25.

I went to Vienna again this week. I spent the whole Monday and some part of Tuesday making a poster about my master thesis. It wasn’t for any conference or anything, it was just for some internal poster session at our school. I promised to make it maybe like a month ago and I left it for the last moment. The presentation was on Wednesday but because I left to Vienna on Tuesday afternoon, I had my colleague present it. I guess it went alright because the poster is on the wall in the hallway.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Vienna. I was trying to study for a test that I had on Thursday but it didn’t go very well. Mathieu had his PhD defence on Wednesday (that’s why we went to Vienna in the first place) so I was only able to study for few hours in the morning on Wednesday. But anyway…Mathieu got his PhD! I’m not sure if it was possible for him to not get it but I’m very happy for him. He’s somebody that I’ve learned so much from, I got a completely new approach to programming and I’ll be forever grateful for that. He’s working in UK now and I have no doubts that he will be wildly successful in the industry as well.

I had the test on Thursday. It’s the last course that I need to pass and it’s about numerical methods. There is no way I passed, I simply didn’t put enough time into the preparation. But there’s going to be one more chance to pass it and I need to prepare better for it. I’m really looking forward to finishing this last course. I really liked my university at some point but now I just want to get it over with. I found out that I learn stuff way easier and better on my own doing practical projects. I think that there are many problems with the way how education is done on Masaryk University (and maybe I will write about it some day) and I’m excited to finally be free to do it my way.

On Saturday, I turned 25. It doesn’t feel much special to me even though it could be considered a somewhat ’round’ number. Birthdays really lose their charm in your 20s. It used to be such a milestone and something that I was looking forward to very much. It’s not that way now. But I’m not sad about it, I have so many other things that my year revolves around. For example, right now I’m very much looking forward to submitting my thesis and then finishing the school. It’s just something that I need to get done and it’s going to be a huge boulder off my chest once that’s over, successfully I hope.

I’m going to be back in my routine for this whole week (I hope at least) so I want to take full advantage of that. I want to put a lot of work into the thesis and I need to start getting stuff done for the ‘Animated Cell’ project as well.