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I guess we have an apartment!

We found an apartment that we both really like. It’s not the closest to work and it’s on the upper bound of our budget but it’s all new and nice looking. On Thursday I had to fill out a whole lot of papers and send them to the estate agent. I guess that’s easy, but filling out forms for a foreign country in German (which I know close to none) was a pretty hefty task for me. I also don’t have a printer or scanner so I needed to do this at the school in Brno. Also, I’m an idiot so I forgot my work contract at home. This means that I did a lot of walking that day. After I sent everything, I got an answer.

I was approved for the apartment by the owner, but I need to pay bigger deposit. Instead of 4 months of rent, I need to pay 6. If I add to that the provision for the estate agent (2 months of rent), then we have 8 months of rent at the beginning, without even paying for the first month! That’s just crazy numbers for me. It’s close to a one year of rent. Considering the difference in prices, I could live in Brno for this amount of money for the whole year. But I will consider this as a opportunity cost. I’m very excited to be living in Vienna and I believe that we will have a higher standard of living there.

One thing that’s not perfect is that I will get the keys on March 22nd the soonest. I was supposed to start working in Vienna from the beginning of March. But my supervisor was okay with me working remotely from Brno until then.

I’m really looking forward to finally being in Vienna and working at the institute. I’ve been working remotely for a while now and although I kinda like it, I’m looking forward to finally being part of everything. You get a little bit disconnected from your peers when you work alone, you don’t get to contribute to some decisions and you are out of the loop a little bit. So I’m really excited to finally be back.