I am DVDKOURIL. This is my blog.

I got her flowers

Gabi had a name day on Tuesday. I got her flowers. It was also an international woman’s day so let’s say that I got her them for both. I don’t know what it is about flowers that girls like. But they make them so happy! So I just like giving flowers as a present.

Other than that, this week has been kinda slow. I’m mostly just at home working, only going to the gym in the morning. Besides my main job I’m also working on some side stuff. I’m finally just doing it. I’m determined to just stop talking about it and just doing it. You could have seen the blog post about my ‘project manager’ tool project which is how I’m learning Python and Qt. Besides that I’m learning Cinder and trying to produce more visual content (mainly for instagram) this way.

I’ve signed the rent contract and now I’m just waiting for the money to be transferred from my Czech account to my Austrian account. It’s taking so long. When I was sending money from the Austrian account (Erste bank) to my other Czech account (Fio), it was there the second day. For this bank (mBank) I’m waiting for 3 full days. Uhhh.

The weather has been like on a rollercoaster lately. Some days it’s super sunny and nice (mostly when I’m at home and I don’t plan on going anywhere), but sometimes it’s still windy and cold. This one day I remembered how nice the evenings are in summer, when the sun is about to come down and it’s just really strong atmosphere outside with the golden hour light. I’m looking forward to that.

I think I’m saying it all the time but I’m really looking forward to finally being in Vienna. Not that I would be in a bad situation right now. I am OK, I can work and basically everything is going well. But I just want to start the next chapter. I want to get lost in a new city. I want to find new places, see what opportunities this new place offers. The bad thing is that me and Gabi will be away from each other for a while. That kinda sucks. But I think we’ll be alright.