I am DVDKOURIL. This is my blog.

I failed the exam

Unfortunately, my last exam on Wednesday wasn’t really my last. I got an F. It’s my fault of course, but I’m trying not to blame myself. The thing is, I am not doing anything wrong. I have a lot of stuff that I need to do and I’m not being lazy. I’m doing what I can. In this case, I had maybe a week to prepare for this thing. Under normal conditions—no problem. Now however, this was a week after I submitted my master thesis. I tried to hop onto the studying train immediately but still, when you finish something as big as your master thesis, you want to chill for a while. And it wasn’t like I would be doing nothing. I was still working for my job at TU Wien. So in the end, I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for this exam. But I could have passed. I made a mistake of not being confident enough of what I know. If I wasn’t afraid to put on the paper what I thought was right but wasn’t 100% sure, I would have passed.

Anyway, my second chance is this Wednesday. I know what I did wrong, I’ve talked with the teacher and now I just need to review and go finally get it.

For my TU Wien job, I am porting a graphics application from Unity to OpenGL. I’m learning a ton. It’s really great to see how stuff is done but then need to replicate this behaviour in different framework/library. I think you learn best by doing practical stuff. But sometimes you can get stuck for a long time if your skill is not high enough. In this situation, I have a template of how things should be done, it’s just a matter of finding the equivalent in OpenGL. But this is still a challenge (at least for me). So I’m learning a lot by working on this. I love it.

The goal for the next week is pretty obvious: finally pass the exam. I really hope it’s gonna end on Wednesday.

That’s it for this weeks blog.