I am DVDKOURIL. This is my blog.

I don’t like this weather [week Oct 17 – Oct 23]

The title is a little misleading because of the picture under it. That’s NOT the weather I don’t like. This picture is from Saturday which was the only day where the sun came out in Brno. We went for a coffee and a walk outside. Got coffee from Kofi-Kofi and walked around in the park under Spilberk castle. It was nice.

Besides Saturday, the weather was awful the whole week. I really hate it – you don’t see the sun, the sky is grey all the time, you wake up and it feels like it’s 7pm and you’re supposed to go to sleep again. And for a few days it was also raining constantly. Hate it. Despite that, I had a pretty busy week. I went to gym only twice (I’ll be better next week, promise). Ivan, my supervisor from Vienna, came to Brno so we went out on Tuesday with him and the group. On Wednesday we sat down with him and Bara and talked about my Diploma thesis. Also on Wednesday, my sister Zuzana had her graduation ceremony. So me and Gabi went there with my parents, grandma and uncle. We also went for a lunch afterwards and I made a mistake of having a beer which totally killed my productivity for the rest of the day. Thursday and Friday was quite productive – I had lectures for my (last) course and I worked before and after that. I’m implementing SSAO for both my personal project and work project. I realized that I still have a lot to learn about shaders and graphics programming. I’m getting better but still…I suck.

I’m trying out a new time management thing – I plan my day beforehand, planning around the events that I need to attend and try to fill the gaps with “work blocks”. I aim for 1.5 hour work blocks and in these I’m trying to focus on one concrete things or task. I guess it could be called pomodoro technique (a little modified). My reason for doing it this way is that I don’t realize how little time I actually have. I feel like I have a whole day to work with but when I can do the work any time of the day I end up not accomplishing much. There is also another thing about this – I postpone starting stuff because I don’t want to be interrupted by something. So I don’t do anything unless I have a lot of time. But that’s completely wrong way of looking at it. Now when I know that I have work block in my calendar, I know when I will be working (and what I’ll be working on). One and a half hour is enough to make some progress. And another benefit is that when I see that my day has only 3 or 4 work blocks for example (because of other events) it makes me want to use that time well. Which helps me to focus on solving problems and tasks at hand without postponing them thinking I have the whole day for them.

That’s the week! Tasks for the next week:

  • finish my SSAO implementation
  • use it in both work and personal project
  • write as much of my master thesis as I can
  • go to the gym 3 times
  • stretch: post at least 3 times on instagram (generative/procedural/interactive pieces done with Cinder)