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This close to moving

We were at our friends’ yesterday for a desk game and drinking which means that today was a very slow day. I really can’t drink. I’m completely dysfunctional the next day.

I’m “enjoying” my last days in Brno. My main tasks for this week have been to get the money in order. I needed to issue a few big international transfers and also make sure that I know of everything that I need to pay before moving. We paid our rent in Brno for April which means that we shouldn’t need to pay anything here. For the new apartment in Vienna, I’ve had to pay the deposit, agent provision, contract fees and some other fee which I’m not completely sure what for it was.

Funny thing—I’ve made the mistake of sending the money first via SWIFT payment. It took almost a week before the money arrived on my Austrian account. And it cost something like 13 euros. For the second payment I was wiser and I did it through SEPA and it not only arrived the next day, but it also cost maybe 1 euro. Lesson learned I guess. I get that there might be differences if I was sending the money to an account in some “exotic” currency, but for CZK <-> EUR transfers there’s no reason to use SWIFT. The internet banking could notify you of this…

I’ve been to Vienna on Tuesday for meetings again, I don’t think anything worth mentioning happened. Just a thought—I will need to be more efficient with my time when I’m there. There are meetings and things that I will be required to attend and I can’t afford to lose much time besides these.

This week I’ve really slacked off on the workouts. My monthly gym pass has expired on 14th. I didn’t want to buy another and I didn’t want to buy one-entry tickets as well so I haven’t been in the gym this week at all. I’m actually pretty upset about this. I’ve done a few bodyweight workout and I guess it’s better than nothing, but still, I want to lift weights. I’ve been working out pretty consistently for a few months and I don’t want it to go to waste. My plan for now is to continue with bodyweight workouts at home and try to find a solid gym in Vienna as soon as possible.

The next week is going to be a pretty full one, probably the busiest I’ve been in a while. On Wednesday I will be going to Vienna for the apartment handover. On Thursday we have “promoce”, which is something like a graduation ceremonial. Then on the weekend we will be moving some of our stuff to the new apartment. The plan is to rent a van in Brno, go to IKEA to buy a bed and mattress, drive to Vienna, dump the stuff there and go back to Brno to return the van. We’ll see how it goes.