I am DVDKOURIL. This is my blog.

Getting back into the routine [week Oct 3 – Oct 9]

Vacation is over so it’s time to get back into everything. We came back last week on Tuesday, Wednesday was public holiday and so I took it really slow and worked only a little on Thursday and Friday. However, on Friday there was a Researcher’s Night in Brno and I volunteered to be there and show some stuff in our lab to the visitors. It was harder than I thought! Talking almost constantly from 6pm to midnight is no fun.

Anyway, from this Monday I wanted to start functioning  in a routine that I kinda developed before the vacation. This mostly means that I started going to gym in the morning. So far I’m only going on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but eventually I would like to build it up to every weekday.

There are other things that I want to implement into my routine and some things that I need to implement. For example, I really need to start writing my Master thesis more intensely. I also have one last class that I need to attend and it seems like it’s not going to be something that I can neglect (the teacher tests if you know what he’s talking about every week). Those are two main things that I really need to start working on. Other activities are more pleasant for me because they are kind of my personal projects. I really hope that I can find some time in which I could do them. Those are: learning Python, learning German, learning C++ and Cinder (for creative, generative graphics programming).

Not much happened this week. On Wednesday, I went to my figure drawing class. It’s a course on our (Computer Science) university and I’ve had it last year as well. It’s pretty good to do something like this when I’ve been focusing mostly on programming in the last few months. I wanted to start drawing again, even considered buying better drawing tablet but I don’t have a whole lot of time for that. There’s just too many things that I would like to do or learn. And I need to prioritise better.

One thing that I did this week was that I ordered a monitor and an adapter to connect it to my Macbook Air. I really want to work even when I’m home but it’s just so impractical to do it on the small 13inch screen. The size probably wouldn’t be the biggest issues, what I feel is really bad is just the ergonomics of working on a laptop. I didn’t know which monitor to pick, there’s just so many. So I just went with one that I liked from the stores most popular ones. I will see what’s it like when it arrives. I could have had it on Wednesday but I didn’t change the address in my account to my new one so they send it to my parents house instead. I noticed that and had the package redirected. But then the next day the guy delivered only one of the two packages. So he had to take it back and promised I’m gonna get them both on Friday…well, that didn’t happen. On the web it looks like they should deliver it on Monday. I hope they do.