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First week in Vienna

This was my first week working in Vienna and living in our new apartment.

I picked a very busy time to start working there. On Friday night there was a deadline for the VIS 2017 conference, so almost everybody was working on a paper, including me. I was spending most of my days at the institute. We don’t have the internet at the apartment yet. I was just sleeping there, watching the two movies I have on my laptop (Good Will Hunting and Dirty Dancing), and assembling IKEA furniture. I haven’t even cooked or eaten anything there.

It’s so empty it’s sad. We still have a lot of stuff in Brno and I’m just too used to living with somebody. I’m really looking forward to when Gabi’s gonna move as well.

I still like Vienna. My commute to work is not the shortest (30-40 minutes) but I don’t mind. The sight of the city is still new and exciting to me so I like that I get to see more of Vienna.

We submitted the paper (I was second author, Peter did most of the work) on the night from Friday to Saturday. There’s a tradition of drinking after conference deadline which means I didn’t sleep that night. I successfully made the 6:55 bus to Brno and then proceeded to sleep through the rest of the Saturday.

Next week would probably be a little more relaxed but I need to give a lecture on Thursday.