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Christmas [Dec 19 – Dec 25]

It was Christmas Day yesterday (24th) in Czech Republic. We have been at my parents’ house with Gabi for two days. We didn’t even try to write, we wanted to take a break from that. But I found out that watching TV all day and eating something all the time is not really for me. I had a good time but I just need to have stuff to do!

I got many presents, for example Raspberry Pi and a knife. I’m really excited to do something with Pi and I wanted the knife because…I don’t know, a guy just should have a good knife.

From tomorrow on, it’s going to be a final sprint towards the submission. I guess we still have some relatives to visit but that should just be a lunch and then back to work. I’m excited. I’m focused on finishing this thing. And after January 4th, I will be a free man again. I already have so much stuff I want to try, learn and do. I want to talk about all my plans and thoughts in next weeks blog post because it’s going to be closer to the end of the year and I really like to look back and plan forward then.

Oh and I bought Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss so I’m reading through that. I’ve read 4-hour work week long time ago and didn’t really follow Tim since then so I’m looking forward to learning something new and maybe getting some new insights and plans.