I am DVDKOURIL. This is my blog.

The value of sheltering yourself

I think I need to cut myself off from a certain type of social media. Maybe it’s going to be enough to just do it mentally…let me explain.

I’ve got projects to do. Personal, side projects. Things that I’ve come up with to learn stuff. They are not the best ideas in the world. They will not make a hole in a world. But it’s still important to finish them. I don’t want to be a quitter. I want to be a doer. And you can’t be a doer without finishing what you’ve started.

I have a bad habit of going on twitter and looking at the stuff other people make. Sometimes it’s good to get inspired like that. But most of the time it just makes you look at what you’re working on and get bored of it. Maybe you’ve had an idea that you liked at the beginning but, now that you’ve spent some time on it, it’s not so new/exciting/easy-to-do.

Or in my case, I’m worried that I’m learning the wrong thing. The way technology world works is that it’s constantly changing, programming languages are going in and out of style. Everybody makes you feel that you’re doing it wrong if you’re not using the same programming language, framework, or paradigm they are using. It makes sense—everybody wants to be on the wave of what’s popular.

It makes sense to just ignore that. There’s no way of predicting future. You just need to get your head down and finish your things. You will learn something even if you work on the wrong project, using the wrong stuff. The important thing is that you’ll learn something. And finish something.

This is probably something very obvious to a lot of people but I sometimes need this kind of talking-to even if it’s from myself. I’d love to hear you opinion on this, reach out to me either on email or @dvdkouril.

Had being sick always sucked this much?

I got sick this week and it’s been awful. I think I got some kind of flu or something. I get sick like this maybe once a year and I have a suspicion that it get’s worse and worse as I’m getting older. This time I got completely smashed. I got headache, runny nose, throat ache, fever, and I was almost not able to move. Maybe it’s because when you’re a kid, you don’t really care that you’re sick. You just don’t go to school.

But as an adult, you have responsibilities. You’ve got shit to do. Maybe that’s why it’s been extra hard for me this time.

Tuesday and Wednesday was the worst, now it’s a bit better. It’s still not as easy to breathe because of the stuffed nose and I’m still coughing. But at least I can stand up for a while.

Also the better I feel the more I’m motivated to go back to my normal schedule, back to working. I really need just a few days to reset, but I can’t spend doing nothing more than 2-3 days.

Overcomming the “yeah, but…” attitude

I have no idea if “yeah, but…” attitude is a real thing. Maybe it is, maybe not, maybe under some other name. For me, it’s that feeling when you see someone’s result and immediately start thinking about the “buts”.

Like when some 18 y.o. kid on youtube puts out a video of him traveling around the world, with footage from drones and stuff, and you immediately think: “yeah cool, but he’s got to have filthy rich parents”. Or when you see somebody’s drawing and think to yourself: “yeah that’s cool, but what is art even good for?”

Maybe I’m the only one who’s like that. Maybe I’m the only mean, jealous, and envious asshole. But I don’t think so. I’m Czech and I believe that most of the people in Czech republic are like that. It’s in our nature to be haters. It’s a defense mechanism and it’s contagious.

I want to overcome that. I’m making a conscious effort to not be that guy. Someone else’s win is not necessarily my loss. I am trying to appreciate people doing stuff, working. Sure, there are people who are chasing after the low-hanging fruit. Following the trends. Faking it. And that’s alright. These people will probably not win in the long game. And even if they do…who cares?

I will always appreciate people who work on their things. I am attracted to people with skill. People who are confident in their abilities. And I’m working on being one of them.