I am DVDKOURIL. This is my blog.


This blog is about learning how to close the gap between my thoughts and my writing.

A lot has happened recently. I’ve finished my master’s degree and I’ve moved to Vienna with my girlfriend Gabi. I knew this is going to be an interesting period of my life so I figured I should document it somehow. And that’s when I started writing my blog. I hope you’ll enjoy reading through it as much as I do.

Every Sunday = new blog post.

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Hi, my name is David.

I’m a developer who specializes on computer graphics. I’m doing a PhD in visualization while trying to learn as much as I can. Not only about programming and research, but also about myself: how I work, how should I collaborate with others, and most importantly—how to balance my ambitions in life with living the life itself.

My side projects are focused on personal management and productivity tools.

If you are interested in the projects I work on, you can look at my github account: