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A break from thesis writing [week Dec 5 – Dec 11]

No, not in a good way. I wasn’t slacking off this week. My break from writing my thesis was only because I had to work on some other stuff. On a project that I’m employed for at TU Wien. We had a deadline this Friday/Saturday and I spent the whole week working on that. So the last time I touched my thesis was last Sunday. I’m not very happy about that. It’s getting serious.

I can feel the stress on me and Gabi (she’s also submitting this semester). There’s no such thing as weekends for us anymore. And I think we won’t have very relaxed Christmas as well. It’s kinda depressing time period – the deadline is always on our minds and I truly can’t appreciate the winter weather. I wouldn’t say I hate cold. I hate that the day is so short and even throughout the day it’s dark as if it was evening all day long. I get a little bit depressed before Christmas every year and this year all this pressure is not helping.

But…on the bright side – I’m learning so much! This week I’ve implemented something that I wouldn’t even think of trying a year before. I’m really enjoying the feeling that I understand something and I feel like I can create anything I can think of. I want to start all kinds of projects and I’m looking forward to finally submitting the thesis and having time to actually try all that.

I am still going to the gym pretty much every week day and it’s helping me to keep the mood and motivation up at least a little. Well…I actually think it’s helping a lot. Sometimes I really have to force myself but as I’ve already said on this blog – I never regret going. And even when I feel like shit some day, I still know that I’m doing at least this thing right.